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How it works is just another cashback website...with a twist.  You can share links to earn cashback.  Additionally, we have a funny name and make light of the world.  Be a part of a movement that cares about positivity!
  • Earn cashback, or a portion of money back into your dashboard, for shopping at sites visible on our site
  • You can share a store or even a specific product to a friend and if they buy from the link you can get money
  • Laugh at our name
Your were told when you were a kid, "the best things in life are free."  Pooing is free (figuratively and literally)

Cashback Related

These are a few things that you can be mindful of to ensure that your cashback tracks properly:

  1. Make sure you are logged into your Pooing account.
  2. Check cashback rates for the store to ensure the proper rate
  3. Make sure you AdBlock is disabled as it is known to interfere with tracking
  4. When you click an offer or store, Pooing will open a window linking you to that store. Please ensure that you transact in the opened window.
  5. Do not use any discount comparison or extensions while shopping (i.e. the deal sites or extension tools)
  6. For merchant specific conditions please view the 'Useful Tips' section on the merchant page.
The money you receive back (also know as cashback) is a percentage of the total receipt on the purchase.  So when you buy everything from a store like, for example, and you are charged ($500) and the cashback rate is (5%), you get $25 back.  Which is 5% of the $500 sale!  Yes, we know...math.  

Ensure you get cashback by checking if the product you bought at one of the available stores actually received cashback.  We didn't make those rules, that's from the store themselves!  If by chance the category is supposed to receive cashback and it didn't, it could still be a product that the store doesn't give out money to. (we do not control this aspect)

Also, don't forget that if you hop around looking for coupons on one of the deal sites, you are very likely to lose cashback since those sites get rewarded if someone ends up clicking and buying from their site.  Didn't you realize those sites make a ton of dough?

Pending Cashback/Rewards is cashback money on the way. We ultimately have to be paid from the store, then to you.  We're just waiting for them!  Don't hate on us, it's all their fault...j/k but really that's the reason.
That's the real money that you can withdraw as you like. It is cashback for purchases that have been approved as valid by the store and eventually paid to you.  

We will remove declined cashback and the reason for it usually comes down to these:

  • You probably went to a deal site, didn't you?  (happens to the best of us)
  • Your product was returned (bro, you don't get money for returned products)
  • You committed fraud (just gonna leave this here)
  • Your purchased product wasn't deemed eligible for cashback

Ultimately, Pooing does have the right of way to decline cashback for any reason.  We do our best to be 100% fair!

Refer & Earn

It's true that you can refer your friends and family to Pooing and be rewarded for this cool behavior.  I mean, getting new users is super hard so we thank you for that.  As a token of appreciation, you can earn a small portion of whatever they earn on the site!  So whenever there's a "bonus" like that showing on the site, this is what a "referral bonus" is!  

You may not, however, refer yourself to Pooing and is against the rules.  Pooing always finds out too, so don't think you can come back with this bad behavior!

To view the details for your referral option, please login to your Pooing account and visit the 'Refer and Earn' section under your profile, or simply click here. There are multiple ways to invite your friends via referral:

  1. Share your Referral code with friends and ask them to enter it during signup
  2. Invite via social channels available on the Pooing Referral page
  3. Invite via email options on the Referral page

Once they have confirmed to sign up you'll see them on your Refer and Earn page with stats and stuff :)

Share & Earn

Ok, so this part is pretty sweet.  You can earn cashback whenever you share products or stores to friends!  They just have to buy or complete the cashback action like you would but the link would be in their hands.  

Here's one cool example with bullets so you don't lose yourself to another TikTok video:

  • Joey sees a pair of shoes on that Amy would probably buy
  • Joey copies the product link from (on the browser bar, you know, it starts with "https:"...)
  • Joey pastes the link on's homepage or the "Share and Earn" page from their dashboard
  • Joey gets a unique Walmart link that has the pair of shoes Amy (in a short form link)
  • Joey texts the link to Amy and says, "you'd love these shoes Amy!"
  • Amy proceeds to the link and buys
  • Joey gets cashback from Walmart

Pretty cool huh?

Tracking issues

If your cashback was not tracked, checking the following can help: 1. Minimum 48 hours have passed since you made the purchase. Sometimes stores can take upto 48 hrs. to track. Note: 7 days should have passed in case of Amazon. 2. You completed the purchase in the same session after clicking out of Pooing 3. You did not use any other widget or comparison site after getting redirected from Pooing. Please click here to file a Missing Cashback Claim for the transaction which was Not Tracked. Note: Merchants accept claims for cashback not tracked cases only till 7th of the next month from the purchase date. For eg. you made a purchase on 24th Nov, you can file a Not Tracked claim till 7th Dec OR you made a purchase on 4th Nov, you can file a Not Tracked claim till 7 Dec.
It can sometimes take up to 3 days for a retailer to track a transaction. Hence retailers do not accept any missing tickets before the end of this period.
Our sophisticated system tracks every time you click out from our website to any of our partner retailers. If you do not see a retailer in the exit click dropdown then you have not visited the retailer via our website. Perhaps you forgot to sign in when you visited a retailer, in which case again the visit will not show in your exit click list. OR The cashback claim is NOT allowed by the merchant.

Cashback payment

Cashback earned from Pooing is your money and can be used to recharge online wallet, phone or DTH accounts or even transferred to your bank account. (Note: Minimum withdrawal limit of 250 applies) The money in your account NEVER expires. It’s your money and you can use it anytime. Read withdrawal options and limits for details.
To withdraw your balance, log in to your Pooing account and visit the Transfer section of your profile. Select the method of withdrawal, bank, etc. Select the account where you wish to transfer your Available Balance. Enter the amount and hit Submit. Bank transfers take between 5-7 business days to reflect in your accoun Note: Cashback earned from some merchants (Rewards) cannot be withdrawn to a bank account and is listed separately as rewards. Minimum withdrawal limits apply. Also, there is absolutely no cost or fees applicable to withdrawing your balance.

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